Tennis Star Banned; Illegal Migrants Welcomed

DENIED U.S. ENTRY: Novak Djokovic; valid Serbian passport he holds confirms his identity; age 35; married, two children; occupation, tennis professional, 21 Grand Slam men’s titles, prize money earned $160 million; languages, 11, with varying degrees of fluency in Serbian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian and Portuguese; criminal record: none. Health: Excellent, eats vegan, gluten-free diet, unvaccinated. Other data: founded the Novak Djokovic Foundation that has built 50 schools for children who live in underserved communities.

APPROVED FOR U.S. ENTRY: About 2.1 million illegal immigrants, identities mostly unknown, and paperwork, if any, suspicious; marital status, a puzzlement, may or may not be married to traveling companions, and accompanying children may or may not be pawns in smuggling schemes; occupations, none, except perhaps fentanyl or sex trafficking. Most will be looking for jobs soon; languages, with 150 different nations represented in the migrants’ flow, many tongues are spoken, but English command is rare. Aggregate criminal records, high. Since fiscal 2022 began, El Paso Customs and Border Protection announced that it has arrested an average of three migrants with criminal records per day. Got-aways’ criminal statistics are unknown. Health: previous medical histories may or may not include infectious diseases; most health backgrounds are unknown. Some, but not all, are vaccinated. Many positive COVID cases have been found among illegal immigrants that reached the interior. Other data: the majority of migrants will need the entire spectrum of affirmative benefits.

A greater danger than COVID may be lurking down on the Southwest border. Department of Homeland Security officials are monitoring a potential terrorist plot. DHS believes that as many as 30,000 Middle Eastern nationals have entered the U.S. on criminally obtained Mexican passports. In a none-too-reassuring statement given the agency’s numerous past failures since its 2003 creation, DHS promised citizens that the 30,000 individuals are undergoing “additional investigation.” But the discovery of 30,000 passports, many of which could already be in terrorists’ hands, has rattled DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, normally a staunch defender of the open border he’s charged with securing. In his statement, Mayorkas grudgingly admitted that the “unsustainable” amount of illegal immigration may lead to the nation losing its “first line of defense.”

Mayorkas should be worried. The DHS secretary acknowledged that the U.S. risks losing its “first line of defense” because of the “unsustainable” amount of illegal immigration at the border. In early 2021, two Yemeni nationals on the terror and no-fly watch lists were arrested near California’s Calexico port of entry.

Speaking of too little, too late apologies, CDC director Rochelle Walensky had one of her own. In a video message to her staff, Walensky admitted that her agency had blundered in its reaction to COVID. Walensky confessed that her agency is “responsible for some pretty dramatic, pretty public mistakes” and that its guidance has been “confusing and overwhelming.” Imagine how empty Walensky’s words sound to Djokovic who she barred from practicing his profession. Or worse, how insincere Walensky’s mea culpa sounds to Americans who lost their small businesses, couldn’t visit ailing, elderly family members or parents who struggled under lockdown as they watched remote learning slow their children’s education.

Such is the State of the Union today…inept leadership that has made catastrophic errors, and regrets nothing. The CDC foolishly mandated that Djokovic miss the 2022 U.S. Open, an error in judgment, but at the same time quietly promotes the Bivalent COVID-19 vaccine booster. The nation has heard enough about vaccines, and has no appetite for more. And from the Southwest, save for an inconceivable turn of events, the illegal immigrant invasion will continue, despite the White House’s repeated insistence that the border is secure.