Sean Hannity: Chuck and Nancy, you can work with Trump, do what’s right for the US or be obstructionists


Numerous Democrats, both in the House and the Senate for the last two weeks, have been speaking to their Republican colleagues.  They have been asking them to broker this three-week opportunity to support the wall and negotiate other parts and other issues like DACA and Dreamers.

They have been begging their Republican colleagues to make that deal with the president.

So the president, well, he showed leadership, rose above the partisan bickering in the swamp, offering relief to federal workers all while sticking to his commitment to secure our border.


Now, the president was very clear, no ambiguity. In three weeks, if Congress cannot do their job, secure a deal to protect our borders, then the president will do what he lawfully has the right to do and declare a national emergency and he will be building the wall with funds that he allocates most likely from the Defense Department.

This is, indeed, a real crisis. In three weeks, he will declare a national emergency and, look at what the president has done up until now.  He has offered concessions, things the Democrats say they wanted.  DACA, Dreamers, TPA.  He is he standing up for life versus death.  To him, he has been arguing safety and security for the people of this country.


But right now we have to ask ourselves this question:  What are the Democrats — what are Nancy and Chuck been standing up for?  Actually nothing.  There is no position here.

They have only been placating what is now the radical extreme base of the socialist Democratic Party of today.  And all they do is fuel their daily anti-Trump rage and hate.

Ask that question. Democrats, what do they do?  They went on vacation.  The president stayed at the White House.

Luxurious junkets really paid for by lobbyists while the president stays at the White House, refusing invitation after invitation to sit down with the president who is saying, I’m willing to work with you.  I’ll work on DACA.  I’ll work on Dreamers.  But we’ve got to secure the border to save the lives of our fellow countrymen because of the problem with open borders.

Now, these other Democrats privately, they have been going behind the leadership in their own party, asking leaders like Lindsey Graham and others, hey, help us get this period where we can try to get this job done.

They want the wall as well but they are just not telling Schumer and Pelosi. If not, they know the president will declare that national emergency.

Now, the president, to his credit, he has tried every single thing he could possibly do.  He has been reasonable.  He has been fair.  He has offered concessions but in the end, it’s his job as commander-in-chief to keep us safe.  He will do his job.

So, now, Congress, they have their three weeks to do their job and secure our border.  Democrats, weak-kneed Republicans, they need to remember the facts.  We have built so far 654 miles of border wall over the last 15 years with notable results.  For example, the wall in Huma, Arizona, after it went from five miles to 60 plus miles, that led to a 91 percent drop in crime.

Remember, Democrats actually used to be for strong borders just a few years ago.  That’s when Obama was president.  Actually, they sounded more like Trump than Trump before they were consumed with all this anti-Trump hate and rage every day.  Here’s what they said then:

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER, D-NY:  People who enter the United States without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who enter the U.S. legally.

And now:

To so many Americans, we do not want the wall to be a symbol of America. Much preferring the Statue of Liberty be that symbol.

And again, then…

REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-Calif. :  All of us agree that we need to have comprehensive bipartisan immigration reform.  That can only begin strong border control.  We must have that.  We must control our borders.

And now: A wall is an immorality.  It’s not who we are as a nation.

Walls work but we have got to finish the job.

I have said so many times on this program, the costs of a porous border they are enormous and it’s growing more serious every single day.  Human trafficking, drug trafficking, gangs, cartels.  It is a life and death situation.

Talk to Angel moms and Angel dads.  Talk to the parents that have lost their kids because of the opioid crisis.

Then to make matters worse, another 10,000-person migrant caravan right now as we speak is headed our way.

So, you say to Chuck and Nancy, all right.  Behind your back, your fellow Democrats, they want that wall.  They also want a deal with DACA.  They want to solve problems.  They want solutions.  Will you work for it?


Now, you can either work with this president, do what’s right for the country or the American people will see you for who you are, just obstructionists, hating a president.

And anyone out there, by the way, thinking President Trump caved on Friday, you don’t really know the Donald Trump I know. He right now holds the cards. He will secure the border one way or another.

Adapted from Sean Hannity’s monologue on “Hannity,” January 25, 2019.

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