Panel Discussion On Current Events, Trends, The Environment, And Politics With Renowned Authors And Commentators

Last Saturday, five nationally-known experts on social and environmental sustainability spoke at a panel discussion in Lancaster, PA. They included James Howard Kunstler, outspoken critic of suburban sprawl; Frank Morris, champion of minorities passed over by the American dream; Chris Martenson, an expert on financial bubbles; Dmitry Orlov, a writer and blogger specializing in societal collapse; and John Michael Greer, a chronicler of peak oil and political trends.

The event was put on by the Center for Progressive Urban politics and was sponsored by Progressives for Immigration Reform.

The forum focused on the topic of “Our reality is no longer an Option: Why our Way of Life is Not Sustainable.” The panel was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see five of the seminal thinkers on sustainability discussing this issue at one place at one time. Toward the end of the discussion, questions were taken from the both the audience at the studio and from those watching on the internet.

The production at the state-of-the-art Triode facility assured a quality broadcast that allowed the online audience to feel like they are in the studio. For those that could not attend in person or watch live, the panel discussion is now available to view on the CFPUP YouTube page. Simply click on the icon to be taken to the video.

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