On Independence Day, America Struggles to Remain Sovereign

For decades, Democratic and Republican White Houses have winked at border and interior immigration enforcement, tolerated catch and release, abided sanctuary cities, ignored visa overstays, looked the other way at visa fraud, and promoted a nonstop stream of unnecessary employment-based visas. And on Independence Day 2018, the recent emotionally driven, short-on-truth border folderol brings the obvious but painful probability to the forefront: unless sanity is restored to U.S immigration, America cannot remain a sovereign nation.

The foreign-born population has been and is predicted to continue on a straight upward trajectory. In 2015, a record 43.2 million foreign-born lived in the U.S., 13.4 percent of the nation’s total and a fourfold increase from the 1960 9.7 million and 5.4 percent totals. In its study, Pew projected that immigration and births to immigrants will, by 2065, reach 78 million immigrants, with 81 million children of immigrants. Immigration will be the primary driver in a U.S. population increase from today’s 328 million to 441 million in 2065.

The demographic forecasts that portend lost sovereignty would become dramatically more severe if the open border advocates, loud and increasingly influential, prevail. They already have a leg up. Because federal judge Dolly Gee, an activist in robes, decreed in 2015 that alien minors could not be detained longer than 20 days, their parents use them as pawns in their asylum bids. Warned that her order would trigger a border surge similar to the one that occurred in 2014 when 70,000 adult-child units and 70,000 unaccompanied minors were apprehended illegally crossing into the U.S., Judge Gee dismissed what turned out to be wise council as, in her words, “fear-mongering.”

While the White House is struggling to maintain its “zero tolerance” toward illegal entry, and hope against hope to influence Judge Gee to lift or at least to extend the 20-day hold, the contingent of open borders boosters has ratcheted up its agenda.

Last week, California Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced her “Keep Families Together Act” that would essentially ban detaining illegal immigrants who come within 100 miles of the border, thereby allowing them a clear path to U.S. asylum with its lifetime valid work permits, other affirmative benefits and eventual citizenship.

With such an unbridled, plum opportunity, worldwide migrants would gather in aiding and abetting Mexico to head north to the American promised land. During previous surges, migrants from India, Africa, Cuba and the Middle East were identified near the border as they awaited their chance to enter.

Many in the Senate are charter open borders members, and Feinstein is a shining example of all that’s wrong with Congress. Feinstein is a multimillionaire married to another multimillionaire, investment banker Richard Blum. The couple lives in San Francisco’s exclusive Pacific Heights neighborhood where home values range up to $20 million. Feinstein and Blum also own condos in Kauai and Tahoe City, and multi-million dollar homes in Colorado and Washington, D.C. Being more out of touch with the struggling Californians at the low end of the state’s income inequality spectrum is impossible.

Yet despite no major legislative achievement during her 26 years in the Senate, the 85-year-old Feinstein is running for a fifth term. Once an immigration moderate, Feinstein has moved severely left now that her 2018 challenger is Kevin Alexander Leon, aka Kevin de León.

Since De León’s parents are Guatemalan-born, and since a large contingent of Central American migrants are also Guatemalan, Feinstein’s “Keep Families Together Act” is her way to convince California’s 46 percent undecided voters that she’s as committed to open borders as her challenger who authored California’s sanctuary state law.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called Feinstein’s bill symbolic, meaning that it has no chance to become law. Perhaps so. But Feinstein’s proposed legislation is absolutely representative of the trolling for votes mindsets of incumbents and challengers’ political grandstanding.

Preserving American sovereignty, protecting the U.S. from unsustainable population growth and creating a thriving labor market should be among Congress’ top concerns. Instead, Congress chooses to welcome the world, thereby adding to population growth and flooding the employment market with cheap labor, ultimately causing instability and thus threatening the nation.

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