It May Still Be The Economy – BUT!

Several surveys of voters and likely voters conducted anywhere from a day to several months before last week’s election indicated that the economy was the number one issue occupying the minds of Americans. However, for the first time, in perhaps my lifetime, the topic of immigration weighed in as one of the top three issues voters were thinking about when entering the voting booth.


In a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center (PRC) in June of 2016, Immigration rose to be the third most important issue for American voters, behind the economy and terrorism. According to the survey, 65% of Clinton supporters and 79% of Trump supporters indicated immigration was “very important” as to how they planned to vote.

This stands in contrast to a survey conducted by PRC in September 2012 wherein only 36% of Obama supporters and 47% of Romney voters saw the issue of immigration to be “very important” as to how they would vote.

I would like to think that Americans are finally beginning to connect the dots between their stagnant wages and the unbridled immigration of laborers all to eager to work for less. And polling seems to indicate just that. For instance, a survey conducted by Pollfish whose results were published in the Huffington Post in July of this year demonstrated many Democratic voters were weary of immigration and more competition in the low-wage labor market. Although protecting wager earners has been a long been a core value of the Democratic Party, this stance put Democratic voters more in line with the President Elect Donald Trump.


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