Interview with Dr. Ron Hira on the H1-B Visa Progra

I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Ron Hira, associate professor of public policy at Howard University, author and expert on the H1-B Visa program. His recent book, Outsourcing America, examines the economic and policy implications of the offshoring of high-skilled jobs. Dr. Hira has testified before Congress on offshoring and is frequently interviewed by the media about his work, which intersects high-skilled labor markets, immigration, globalization, and competitiveness policy. He serves as vice president for career activities for IEEE-USA, the largest engineering professional society in America, and is a licensed professional engineer.

We discussed in detail how the H1-B Visa program works and how corporations have been able to abuse it and use it to undermine skilled workers here in the United States. We covered a lot of ground in just over forty minutes, so be prepared to be WOW’d!!!