Immigration Caravan Deja Vu


Executive Director’s Corner

Dear All:

Reading the news this week I was struck with a sense of Deja Vu, that strange feeling we’ve been here before. And when it comes to the crisis at our southern border – we have!

In November of 2018, I did a podcast with Chris Farrell, Lead Investigator for Judicial Watch regarding migrant caravans originating in Latin America and making a dash for the U.S. Chris had just returned from a fact-finding mission where he shadowed the caravans and interviewed Honduran and Guatemalan officials.

More than three years later, the caravans are back and larger than ever. The Associated Press reported several thousand migrants walking through southern Mexico on Tuesday, and authorities doing little to try to stop them.

The composition of today’s Caravans differs slightly from the past. They’re still largely comprised of men between the ages of 18 and 30 and coming mostly from Latin America.
There is one major difference, though. Three years ago, the President of the United States, Donald Trump was successful in halting them at the border.

Today, under the Biden administration, our southern border resembles a sluice. According to Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, “In April, more than half of the 200,000 people Border Patrol “encountered” on the Mexican border were let go into the United States, either immediately or after brief detention. All told, the Biden-Harris administration has released more than one million illegal border-crossers into the United States, few if any of whom will ever be made to leave.”

It’s inconceivable the crisis at the southern border is the result of incompetence. Failure on such a grand level can only be intentional.

The Trump administration was able to force the Mexican government to keep the migrants in Mexico and he crafted the Remain in Mexico policy to ensure the border remained secure. Contrast that success with the current administration’s inability to get the leaders of Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala to attend this week’s Summit of The Americas in Los Angeles. ABC reported the countries are “dealing an embarrassing blow to the Biden administration at a time when it is scrambling to handle the issue [immigration.]”

The administration’s lack of concern for the southern border has galvanized public support in favor of restricting immigration. Late last month in a poll conducted by the Economist, 62% of those surveyed said they believed the U.S. was on the wrong track when it came to immigration. Moreover, only 18% said they believed we were generally on the right track.

It’s also interesting to note that Trump’s support among Hispanic voters increased while he was in office, while Biden’s support has steadily declined. PFIR columnist Joe Guzzardi, in a piece titled, Hispanic Voters Abandoning Democrats’ Ship, commented:

“Hispanic voters’ shifting allegiance took the establishment media by surprise, but not other impartial, national scene observers. First, Hispanic voters have the same goals as other citizens – a stable economy, educational opportunities for their children, and a good quality of life.

Second, and less noted by mainstream journalists, mass immigration, a hallmark of Democratic administrations that Biden has taken to record levels, harms Hispanics and other minorities more than any demographic.”

One might think in the face of all this that the Biden administration and the Democratic Party would course correct prior to the November elections. But there’s been no sign of a shift. They continue to watch their prospects to control the Senate and House of Representatives diminish with each state primary. Is the Democratic Party simply mirroring the obvious cognitive decline of their leader?

At the height of the Monica Lewinski scandal, I attended a talk by author, spiritual leader, and political activist, Marianne Williamson. She was critical of President Clinton and said something to the effect of the harm he’d done was magnified “because the leader is the psychic center of an organization. Hence, his are the most important thoughts in the nation.”

If that’s truly the case, we can pretty much count on two more years of mush. And that pap won’t be restricted to immigration. The mush that’s the product of the Biden administration is fast creating a wasteland.

In closing, I leave you with a quote from J.G. Frazer’s The Golden Bough:

“The king’s life or spirit is so sympathetically bound up with the prosperity of the whole country, that if he fell ill or grew senile the cattle would sicken or cease to multiply, the crops would rot in the fields, and men would perish of widespread disease.”

In solidarity.

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