GOP Swamp Alligators Busy Subverting U.S. Workers

From an unlikely place, deep red Kansas, comes a plot to add to the cheap labor workforce. In 2016, President Trump carried Kansas by more than 20 points. Nevertheless, Republican U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder, from Kansas’ 3rd District, joined up with other cheap labor addicts to subvert American workers.

Yoder, hellbent on creating maximum wreckage on U.S. tech workers, introduced his Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act, HR 392, which seeks to eliminate per-country caps that establish a ceiling for citizens from individual countries. Critics view removing country caps as a not-so-thinly veiled attempt to import more low wage H-1B visa workers, predominantly Indian nationals.

As well, various amendments were attached to a must-pass Department of Homeland Security funding bill to undermine American workers. Another House Republican, Washington Rep. Dan Newhouse, introduced an amendment that would allow the H-2A agricultural guest worker visa to be used for year-round workers. Currently, the visa is limited to temporary or seasonal agricultural workers. The Newhouse change would extend the already unlimited number of H-2A visas issued each year to include dairy farmers.

Additionally, the amendment by Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) would permanently exempt returning workers from being counted against the annual 66,000 H-2B cap. Employers use the H-2B visa to hire low-skilled or temporary landscaping, hospitality and seafood processing foreign workers. Harris’ amendment could quadruple the H-2B annual allotment.

The amendments subject vulnerable under-employed Americans to more job competition from employment-based visa holders, a victory for the relentless pro-immigration lobbyists, but a defeat for struggling working Americans across industries.

In his August 7 letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights member Peter Kirsanow excoriated Yoder, and predicted that the major illegal immigration increases sure to follow will harm all Americans, especially blacks.

Kirsanow wrote that illegal immigration, and high legal immigration levels, have been largely responsible for the declining employment prospects and wages of low-skilled Americans generally, and black men in particular. Collectively, the amendments endanger the 3.9 percent unemployment rate, the 6.5 percent black unemployment rate, and the 2.8 percent wage and benefits gain, the decade’s largest.

Appropriations committee chair Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ) allowed the amendments to pass on spineless voice votes, the apex of political cowardice. The full Congress didn’t debate the amendments or allow for public comment, the time-honored process for creating laws. After the bill passed along party lines, 29-22, committee members skedaddled out of town to begin their undeserved vacations.

Not all is lost, however. The House Rules Committee can strip the amendments. Even if they slip through, a full House vote awaits as well as a Senate-House conference and President Trump’s veto pen. But Yoder and the other Republicans have revealed themselves to their constituents as the dupes of special interest groups.

Still, the committee’s shameless anti-American worker actions leave a nasty aftertaste among voters who hope for better, but are rarely rewarded.

2 thoughts on “GOP Swamp Alligators Busy Subverting U.S. Workers

  1. Robert Heath says:

    Kevin Yoder’s congressional district has been especially hard hit by the H-1B visa. Indian H-1B body shops like Mphasis have descended onto the Sprint campus at 6100 Sprint Parkway in Overland Park, KS right under the nose of Kevin Yoder. Sprint employs thousands of recipients of H-1B visas mostly through staffing companies like Mphasis that have the legal designation of being deemed an H-1B dependent employer.

    Also among the abusers of the H-1B visa is Garmin International in Olathe KS and Black and Veatch Corporation in Leawood KS.

    For the year 2017 alone, at least 1427 H-1B visas, many of which were for 25 workers, were certified by the Department of Labor for a three year term in Kevin Yoder’s congressional district, displacing the constituents of Kevin Yoder. Many of those visas were for 25 workers apiece.

    Now Kevin Yoder wants to rewrite the law regarding green cards to fast track those workers for green cards.

    Just how many of his constituents does Kevin Yoder want to replace with workers from foreign low cost labor centers?!!

  2. Ode To Yoder’s Odor says:

    Yoder’s Odor grew bolder and bolder
    As it entered the House that summer
    The Indian Mafia grew stronger and colder
    As Americans grew poorer and poorer

    “Loot and remit!” they cried
    When they saw how easy
    It was to swindle the Yankees
    Remittances, visas, trade theft, and looting ensued unabated
    As tech workers pulled out their hankies

    Though low in IQ
    Those invaders were
    From the Land That Time Forgot
    Three things they mastered in the 21st Century
    Were corruption, and looting, and rot!

    The land of the free
    Found itself on its knees
    With a gov’t full of race baiters
    And India’s lobbyists
    Like Leon Fresco
    Who were proven to be nothing but traitors!

    Immigration Voice
    Vivek Wadhwa
    And all the rest
    Cooked up a scheme
    On a scale for the ages
    Not even Nero could have taken in jest

    392 – as it came to be known
    Was slipped in at Yoder’s behest
    Without a discussion, a debate, or suggestion
    A congress asleep and a mess!

    In the blink of an eye
    He had sealed their fate
    And before they knew what had happened
    A farce, a disaster – of epic proportions
    One great big giant crap-in!

    Alas, the poor people of those United States
    Once so proud and so free
    Woke up one morning
    Surrounded by Hindoos
    But by then they were trapped they could see!

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