What to Expect from Trump’s State of the Union, and Immigration

With President Trump’s first State of the Union address fast approaching, there has been much speculation about what he will recognize in the annual speech. Trump will most likely treat the speech as a victory lap, toting his perceived achievements such as tax reform. It is almost certain that he will discuss one of, if not his most, core issue: Immigration.

On January 25th, the White House released their proposed plan for a DACA deal, which would include a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million undocumented immigrants, but also decrease legal immigration and demanded $25 billion for a border wall.

The bold proposal was met with criticism from both Democrats and the Republican party, as GOP hardliners lambasted the plan’s “amnesty” while Democrats found it too harsh. With negotiations between Trump and the Senate yielding no results, it is growing more likely that there will be no deal on DACA before the program expires in March. And without giving something to the Democratic Party, Trump might not be able to achieve his goals.

So what can viewers expect to hear from Trump regarding immigration? It is, like all speculation pertaining to Trump, difficult to say. He may use the speech as a bully pulpit to try and shame Democrats into making a deal, but such a tactic would probably end with the Dems digging their heels in. A more unlikely approach would be if Trump adopts a more conciliatory attitude: proposals made in good faith could allow for more cooperation in the future with the moderate crowd, but would most definitely lead to an outraged base.

While the question of what Trump will say is still largely unanswered, it is an easy bet that the President’s “bigly” speech will end with lots of outrageous fodder for both mainstream and social media.


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