Clinton’s Path to Citizenship Would Harm American Workers and Legal Immigrants

Hillary Clinton just promised to create a path to full citizenship for illegal aliens within her first 100 days in office, if she wins the presidency. Granting citizenship and work privileges to more than 11 million illegal aliens would jeopardize American workers’ job security and insult the millions of legal immigrants who played by the rules.

Illegal aliens are already active in the labor force. But their lack of legal status keeps them out of certain jobs. If they gained legal status, these unlawful laborers could challenge Americans for positions in every industry. That’d be disastrous for the roughly 8 million Americans currently unemployed, as well as tens of millions more who face stagnant wages due to an oversupplied labor market.

Offering the perks of citizenship to illegal aliens is also a slap in the face to naturalized citizens who came to the United States legally.

The process to become a citizen is a long one. Foreigners must first apply for an immigrant visa — and to be eligible, they must obtain sponsorship from a prospective employer or a relative who is a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.

Illegal aliens, meanwhile, are sponsored by their own two feet.

After securing a visa, aspiring citizens must reside in the United States for more than five years and not travel outside of the United States for extended periods. Additionally, they must pass a test on civics and U.S. history in order to earn the rights of citizenship.

Although U.S. workers would benefit from less immigration overall — both legal and illegal — naturalized citizens deserve credit for following the law and striving to contribute to American society. Letting illegal aliens cut the line would be deeply unfair.

If Clinton makes good on her promise, her first 100 days could prove calamitous for Americans struggling with unemployment and stagnant wages. Let’s hope she walks it back.

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