CA Democratic Congressmen Rescue Tech Workers

At at a time when all we seem to be getting is news of how American skilled workers are being displaced by companies and organizations only too eager to replace them with low cost foreign guest workers, this is a story of workers fighting back and winning against these unscrupulous practices.  Last September University of California  struck a deal with an IT outsourcing firm named Hindustan Computers Limited America (HCL).  The deal was to replace 17% of Universtity of California, San Francisco information technology (IT) staff with foreign H1 B Visa workers.  Much like we saw over the past couple years with Walt Disney, Abbott Labs and SoCal Edison, IT workers at UCSF were to have the privilege of training their replacements before being terminated early next year.

Fortunately for these workers, California Congressman and Congresswomen, Barbara Lee (D), Zoe Lofgren (D), and  Mark DeSaulnier (D) weighed in to the matter with pointed letters addressed to UC President Janet Napolitano requesting she reverse this decision.  The letter chastised the UC for abusing the H1 B Visa program and called into question the relationship between HCL and UC San Diego Chancellor, Pradeep Khosla; and UC Berkeley’s Dean of Engineering, Shankar Sastry.  Both men sit on the board of HCL.

All three of these California representives need to be congratulated for the swift action on this abuse of the H1 B Visa program.  And we encourage you to reach out and thank them for their commitment to the welfare of American workers.


Below is their contact information:

Congresswoman Barbara Lee:

(202) 225-2661

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren:

(202) 225-3072

Congressman: Mark DeSaulnier:

(202) 225-2095

More information on this story can be found by reading this article from the UCSD Guardian article:


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