ADOS Galvanizes Over Immigration & Reparations


Dear All:

There’s been no shortage of immigration topics to write about this week. The Biden administration’s abdication of its responsibility to enforce immigration laws has created several scandalous stories — and all would’ve been great fun to opine on.

However, there’s one story that stands head and shoulders above the others and which was completely missed by all the news outlets.

Starting late Wednesday and stretching into the early morning hours on Thursday, members of the Foundational Black American movement posted a Twitter Space “How Does Immigration Benefit Black Americans.” It lasted 8 hours and 42 minutes and more than 30,000 people participated.

During the marathon session the hosts and a bevy of others opined, answered questions, and engaged in contentious debate. And despite several attempts by trolls to paint ADOS’ predicament (American Descendents of Slavery) as a purely racial construct, it was demonstrated time and again that this is a more complex issue because it encompasses race, lineage, and class. ADOS’ struggle is unique and a successful resolution will require, to paraphrase Albert Einstein, ‘a level of consciousness far beyond that which created it’.

As Roy Beck pointed out in his book, “Back of the Hiring Line, A 200-Year History of Immigration Surges, Employer Bias, and Depression of Black Wealth:

“Up and down the job ladders, Black workers were being replaced. During the single decade of the 1980s, for example, the employment of African Americans as bank tellers fell 39 percent while foreign-born tellers increased by 56 percent. It wasn’t because most of the Black tellers were promoted to bank managers. As they retired, moved, left the job to have and raise babies and for other temporary circumstances, they were not replaced by other African Americans.”

From all this systemic abuse, African Americans who trace their lineage back to ancestors who arrived in the U.S. as slaves, a movement arose to address immigration and demand reparations for promises not kept. There is an adage that goes, “you can always tell the pioneers as they are the ones with the arrows in their backs.”

And pioneers of the ADOS movement such as Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore have suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous attacks by the ‘powers that be’ and their minions in the mainstream media for the several years.

In 2019, a New York Times (NYT) article, “‘We’re Self-Interested’: The Growing Identity Debate in Black America Why a movement that claims to support the American descendants of slavery is being promoted by conservatives and attacked on the left,” took up the cudgel and painted the movement as a plaything of white supremist and nativists evil doers.

Because of our support for ADOS over the years, PFIR was interviewed for that NYT article and during a series of post-interview questions, it became apparent that despite any proof we could offer to the contrary, this was going to be an ADOS hit piece.

It begs the question, why does the mainstream media attack ADOS?  The answer is simple, and it’s about power!

As I stated in our September 2019 newsletter:

The Democratic Party sees the writing on the wall but because it’s captive to corporate and ethnic lobby interests, it doesn’t have the ability to course correct.

Over 69% of Americans disapprove of the Biden administration’s handling of immigration and in particular the southern border chaos. Yet, all the administration can do is double down on their failed policies and avoid making the cabinet changes required to solve the problems.

Considering this, ADOS is pulling up stakes and departing the party.  And they are not alone.  Hispanics are leaving in droves, as well.

Although I no longer hold out much hope the Democratic Party will reform itself, and I believe its days are numbered, this is no cause for the Republican Party celebrate. It too has work to do. Its electeds and stakeholders must put the interests of U.S. citizens before corporate interests and it must rid itself of the globalists and neocons that have dampened the prospects of working people and especially, ADOS.

In closing, these are heady and chaotic times but not a time to despair. Out of the chaos will come important and necessary change. I agree with the author John Michael Greer who stated, “this aspect is favorable for the collective imagination, and favors new ideas, aspirations, and efforts in the arts, literature, and culture. If other indications support this, it can inspire new political or social movements, or give new vitality and inspiration to existing movements. It favors the emergence of new fads and fashions.”

In solidarity,

Kevin Lynn

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