What We Do

Founded in 2009, Progressives for Immigration Reform works to inform the public and policymakers about the harmful ecological and economic consequences of large-scale immigration, and to encourage careful and thoughtful policy development around this issue within the progressive community. To help raise the visibility of this issue for both policy/academic and general audiences, PFIR hosts annual policy conferences and engages in both national news media outreach and social networking grassroots activism.

Policy Conferences

Every October, PFIR hosts a day-long policy conference in the metro Washington, DC area that documents the latest research on both domestic and worldwide population growth and how immigration policies act to exacerbate environmental challenges.  Panelists, deriving from varied backgrounds within sectors such as academia, business and philanthropy, deliver their research and foster dialogue and debate over controversial topics such as climate change and immigration.


PFIR also attempts to influence the policy debate in DC by publishing quarterly 25 to 30 page policy briefs on topics that examine how immigration and population growth have impacted U.S. labor markets and environmental habitats. Past authors of our reports include leading luminaries within fields such as labor economics, history, biology and environmental science. Reports disseminate concrete evidence without heavy jargon or polemical language and can be easily consumed by the public. Recently published titles include:

  • The Liberal Case for Effective Immigration Law Enforcement
  • U.S. Population and Its Impact on the Environment: Why Curbing Per Capita Consumption Is Not Enough
  • The Economic Downturn is Accentuated by Labor Market Deficiencies of U.S. Immigration Policies
  • The Day of 7 Billion and the World’s Most Overpopulated Nation

News Media

PFIR seeks to disseminate its message on TV and radio news and talk shows whenever possible.  We have taken part in interviews and debates on popular television, radio and other national news outlets like PBS’s To The Contrary, The Montel Williams Radio Show, Fox News and others.

Social Networking and Blogging

PFIR actively tries to keep its followers up to date on the latest breaking stories within the immigration arena.  PFIR currently publishes 1-2 page blogs on breaking news stories related to immigration policy, enforcement and economic, political and demographic trends.  Our central location in DC also affords us the opportunity to closely observe political leaders and policy makers as they debate immigration policy, release new findings and seek remedies.  Our blogs provide a purview on these developments and provide timely analysis to help readers discern political spin from the actual facts.

Professional Development

PFIR is devoted to helping train the next generation of environmentally conscious activists, who are eager to work in fast-paced environment and interested in progressive causes. PFIR is committed to helping our interns gain valuable work experience and skills and the internship itself provides selected candidates many opportunities for networking.  Interns are afforded the opportunity to attend hearings on Capitol Hill and information sessions at the top policy think tanks in DC.  Internships traditionally last 10 weeks and are offered in the summer, spring and fall.  Internships are paid and college credit is also possible.

EIS Report

PFIR is currently completing an Environmental Impact Statement report on U.S. immigration policy, in order to raise public awareness of the ecological consequences of continued U.S. population growth.   The EIS will be an extensive report that documents a number of plausible immigration scenarios for the U.S., projected 50 and 100 years into the future.  The overarching goal of the proposed project is to spur debate on the ecological costs of continued population growth in the United States, and the ecological benefits of reining it in. To learn more about the different components of our work, please see the following links:

If interested in possible internship or staffing opportunities at PFIR please contact us at: Progressives for Immigration Reform 888 16th Street NW, Suite 800 Washington, DC  20006 Phone: 202-543-5325 Fax: 202-355-1399 Email PFIR: info at pfirdc dot org