What We Do

Progressives for Immigration Reform has been working to inform the public and policymakers since 2009 about the negative impacts of high volume immigration on the economy, our natural world and overall population trends as they relate to a sustainable USA. We encourage careful and thoughtful policy development around this issue within the progressive community.

Every week, we produce commentaries that are distributed to, and published by, newspapers throughout the United States. We also post thought pieces weekly to our website and are actively engaged in discussing current issues through Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Our focus on the impact of immigration on the American worker led to the creation of two projects which we launched in 2018 – U.S. Tech Workers and Doctors without Jobs. Through U.S. Tech Workers, we are creating a worker movement to pressure the federal government for visa program reform that ensures U.S.-based companies hire American workers first. A now long and well-documented record shows the continuing displacement of qualified American workers by foreign workers.

Likewise, with Doctors without Jobs, we uncovered the little known fact that each year nearly 2,000 current year medical school graduates and former graduates do not match to a residency. Without a residency, these U.S. doctors cannot practice medicine. At the same, since 2011, nearly 32,000 non-U.S. citizen students and graduates of international medical schools have been placed into residencies. We are just starting to explore how this can be happening and how it can be fixed so that U.S. doctors, who have spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to become physicians, can continue on their path as healers.

In addition to creating a steady flow of communications on today’s issues, we regularly meet with legislators and their aides on Capitol Hill to put forth our positions and continue to build relationships with thought leaders, industry experts, media and the members who support us.

We also participate in events to introduce the public to our issues. Among these have been Politicon and EarthX in Dallas. And we have been known to join a protest or two in support of U.S. Tech Workers!