PFIR Unveils Its H1-B Visa Database

On Friday, May 5, 2017, PFIR unveiled its H1-B visa database which will be a tool activists, journalists and legislators can use to get get the facts and figures on the program by state, city, zip code and/or congressional district. Joining Kevin on stage was Dena Moore, a tech worker who was fired by her employer, Walt Disney and offered a severance only if she trained her H1-B replacement for 90 days. We were also joined by Jay Palmer, a former principal in the tech outsourcing indusrty who blew the whistile on the illegal practices that happen all to regularly with H1-B visa workers.
8:56 – Dena Moore Presentation
17:14 – Jay Palmer Presentation
26:49 – Software Demonstration
39:10 – Q&A

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